About Us

Ealing Abbey Choir was founded in 1910 by Dom Cyril Rylance (1880–1958), a monk of the monastery. It came into existence as the Catholic Church in England was rediscovering its musical heritage through the works of Renaissance composers and Gregorian chant.

The choir’s repertoire of Gregorian chant and Latin polyphony today also includes new works by twentieth century composers such as Howells, Duruflé, Messiaen and Taverner.

The Choir’s principal commitment revolves around the liturgy in the Abbey Church each week and especially during Christmas and Easter. The choir also undertakes weddings, concerts, tours and recordings, notably a recording of Bruckner’s motets with ‘Herald’.

In recent years the choir has toured the United States, Poland, Barcelona, Vienna, Switzerland, Hungary and Rome. It has also performed ‘Carmina Burana’ with the Ealing Choral Society at Cadogan Hall and also for the BBC.